Florida Dems latest web ad. I mean…..really?

I usually don’t agree with Rick Wilson. In fact, I highly disagree with him. And when he tweeted “If you missed what is arguably the worst political ad in years…[link]”, I thought he was doing his typical Republican rant.

But after I clicked the link and watched the video he was referencing, I totally agreed with him. It isn’t often, but it did happen.

Peter Schorsch on St. Petersblog posted “Maybe the worst political web video every produced in Florida”. And, again, Rick Wilson tweeted it. So (I’m rolling my eyes now) I had to look. Here is the latest ad by the Florida Democratic Party:

My reaction to this ad was……..”really?” At about the 30 second point of the ad, I moved the cursor over to about the 1:00 mark because the song was absolutely driving me nuts! The production quality actually hurt my eyes with all the blurry spinning and scrolling. It reminded me of someone on cocaine doing a PowerPoint presentation.

I’m not one that usually rants about political commercials, but that one really does have to go. I mean, come on FDP, we can do better than that! If the point of an ad is to try to make it “cute” while at the same time trying to make a point, the last thing you want to do is make it annoying.

Of course, this ad won’t be on every television in Florida (thank God), but if it was, that wouldn’t be good. Everyone remembers good ads, but people remember bad ads as well. And this is really bad.

No, there isn’t much of an in-depth analysis into this commercial. I just basically wanted to say that I would rather be hung by my eyelids instead of watching anything like that ever again.