Florida 500 Debuts Next Week


2013 will mark 500 years since Juan Ponce de León first landed in our state and claimed the territory for Spain. While the first PERMANENT colonial settlement did not occur until 1565, next year is rightfully the 500th anniversary of our state’s founding. For this we at the Political Hurricane want to cover the important events and personalities that have shaped our state all year long.

Next Tuesday, New Years Day 2013, Florida 500 will debut. We’ll cover all the major subjects in Florida history from the Spanish conquest, to the present day with such events as the settlement of St Augustine, Andrew Jackson’s conquest of Florida,  the Seminole Wars, the Civil War and the Florida land boom featured as well. We will also feature subjects not discussed as often such as Martin Luther King’s St Augustine campaign and Florida’s role as the  birthplace of commercial aviation.

We look forward to bringing you Florida 500. If you did not leave a suggestion of what to cover in our previous thread please feel free to leave suggestions here.

3 thoughts on “Florida 500 Debuts Next Week”

  1. That will be a good one. I have already written about the Huguenots in Florida and the creation of St. Augustine, which will be our first article.