Exclusive: FDP shows “not taking sides in primaries” hypocrisy in latest commercial.

For years, the Florida Democratic Party has told the local DECs that they cannot take sides in local primaries where Democrat is pitted against Democrat. But apparently, when it comes to the Florida Democratic Party, they are allowed to bend the rules

In a secretly obtained video on the “fladems” YouTube account (which has not been made public), the Florida Democratic Party clearly promotes four Florida House candidates that have Democratic primary opponents.

These candidates are Aaron Bosshardt from Gainesville, Joe Saunders from Orlando, Jose Rodriguez from Miami and Mary Louise Ambrose from Belleaire Bluffs.

All of their Democratic opponents had an adequate or decent fundraising quarter, yet the FDP feels that they need to take sides in these races. Andrew Morey, against Bosshardt, raised $13,096 last quarter. Saunder’s opponent, Shayan Elahi, raised $25,875. Rodriguez’s opponent, Alex Dominguez, raised $6,675. Finally, Joanne “Cookie” Kennedy, Ambrose’s opponent, raised $15,978. While maybe not “gang buster” numbers, they have shown that they can play the game as well.

This is another case in which the Florida Democratic Party continues to spread its hypocrisy. Telling DECs that they can’t endorse or show favoritism, as a party, in primaries. Yet on the other hand, the state party showing that they can show favoritism in these races is just sickening.

With the commercial, there are one of two things going on with the Florida Democratic Party. Either Rod Smith doesn’t have control of his party and the FDP staff is doing whatever they want. Or, Rod Smith is knowingly supporting candidates with primary opponents and just doesn’t care.

At this hour, the Florida Democratic Party is holding their Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Along with a pro-school voucher speaker at the dinner as well as not targeting districts that Democrats could win, this new commercial just adds to the pile of “stink” that the FDP pulls on nearly a daily basis.

The party truly needs to change, and Rod Smith has not provided any leadership whatsoever. In fact, when I talk to people in the party, they ask me “what has he done”. In addition to that, others tell them that Rod Smith hasn’t done anything.

While some people might say that the discussion about changing the leadership of the party might divide the party during the election (which I was told personally by a DEC chair of county that we featured recently on this site), we really need to decide what kind of party we want. Right now, this isn’t the party we want.

(On a personal note, I do support Joe Saunders’ candidacy. Even with that support, I strongly oppose this “siding” in primary contests)


25 thoughts on “Exclusive: FDP shows “not taking sides in primaries” hypocrisy in latest commercial.”

  1. This is sad because Andrew Morey (the guy running against Bosshardt) is a great guy in every way and would be great to send to Tallahassee. But that’s the game I suppose .. .

  2. This is really insulting to the other House candidates putting themselves out as D’s.

  3. They are supposed to look heroic, I guess, but they kinda look like the Palatka Rotary Club before it was integrated.

  4. Did make a video of the other seats in which they threatened people not to run in? You know Palm Beach County.

  5. Here is the script for the candidates who were left out:

    We stood up…without party support…because we are fighting for true Democratic values…and your right to have a Democrat on your ballot…We stood up…without union support…to stand up for organized labor…Without lawyer support…to stand against tort reform…You have a choice…for more of the same…por mas del mismo…or for a Democratic majority…We stood up…without party support..to kick Republican ass…to be voices against Big Sugar…against vouchers…against school prayer…against corporate interests…We are standing on our own…until you…the Democrats of Florida…stand with us. This message is not approved by the Florida Democratic Party.

  6. I will tell you the Orange County DEC is blowing up right now, as most of the DEC supports Shayan (he’s on their executive board) and can’t believe they FDP would do this to him, especially since he’s raising very good money. This is what happens when you side in a primary, you split the community, which is why you don’t do it.

  7. On the Other Hand

    That’s interesting Leo. I’m a member of the Orange DEC and Shayan actually only has support from the more extreme members. The FDP supports Saunders because he has raised more than twice what Shayan raised, has been canvassing more doors and doesn’t scream and yell at Democratic leadership when he doesn’t get his way. Also Saunders is a member of the DEC too.

  8. A concerned Democrat

    What is an extreme member? Because a candidate raises more money, he should receive more support? When the party chair supports one candidate over the other, there is a problem.

    No wonder FDP and the Orange DEC is in so much trouble.

  9. In the Saunders’ situation, I can see both sides of the coin. Like I said in the article, I do support Saunders. Why? Personally, I think he has the best chance of winning in November. But if Elahi wins the primary, I am sure I would agree with many of his positions. Whoever wins it, I think they will have a very, very tough fight if Pena is the nominee for the Republicans.

    On the other hand, the FDP has no right to show favoritism. While I do support Joe, this isn’t really about Joe, but about the FDP. Unfortunately, Saunders is in the middle of this. And, if he was asked to participate in this commercial, should he have passed it up? No, it makes good political sense to take the gig.

    Joe Saunders or any of the others that were mentioned didn’t cause this problem. This is purely a problem with the FDP, 100%, and nobody else.

  10. I am the straightest guy that I know and I support Joe, so that isn’t true. The only “man crush” I have is Lee Marvin.

  11. Shayan is the only one with the courage enough to challenge Democrats like Buddy Dyer and Siplin for supporting right wing agendas and politicians like Dean Cannon. Most people just kiss the ring. Joe Saunders doesn’t even have the courage to debate Shayan, he will fall apart under any Republican attack in no time.

    Dave you are wrong, if FDP is discriminating against good Democrats, Joe Saunders has a duty to not be part of it. But of course the only agenda Joe Saunders has is of LGBT, he can’t care less for the party of any other group.

  12. Again, if Shayan is the nominee, I would be 100% behind him, so don’t worry at all (as I am typing this at the Orange DEC right now lol).

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  15. Andrew Morey has prevailed in the primary; look for him on the November ballot. True Democracy is a wonderful thing, and Andy will be a great Representative. He has earned all the support we can give.

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