FDP Finally Gets the Message: Chris Dorworth is Beatable

Better late than never is one of the oldest and most overused expressions in American society. But in the case of House District 29 it is the most applicable statement. Since April, TPH has been closely monitoring this race and we made Democrat Mike Clelland among our first legislative endorsements of the cycle. It took the FDP months to catch on, but now that they have jumped into the race with the above mailer, look for this to be one of the most compelling races to follow election night.

Florida Democrats can send a statement of intent to the arrogant, entitled GOP legislative majority. If you skirt ethical lines, we are coming after you. It’s a marked change from the strategy of co-habitation and accommodation the Democrats have had recently with the Florida GOP, and a welcome change for progressives throughout Florida.

The back of the mailer is below.

8 thoughts on “FDP Finally Gets the Message: Chris Dorworth is Beatable”

  1. The key is getting as many Republicans to skip the race as possible. Romney and Mack will carry this district. What we need is ticket splitters or lots to just skip the race.

  2. He may or may not be a right-winger, but he’s still an embarrassment to the residents of the district and for that matter if he becomes Speaker of the House he’s an embarrassment to all Floridians!

  3. Hasner, Abruzzo and Cannon all backed by by Morgan Fladell and others…and all right wingers. Wake up they are not Ds or even Rs just bad on most issues.

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