District Precinct Analysis

Time is money! And when campaigning for elected office, time is limited. Once all of the polls have closed on Election Day, there’s nothing more that you can do to improve your situation. All you can do is ponder what decisions you should have made.

Don’t be one of those campaigns!

One of the main reasons that campaigns fail is because they don’t have a strong grasp of election data. Instead, campaigns make decisions based on “feelings” and “someone told me” theory of voting. None of these approaches are based on any data or facts whatsoever. Campaigns that have the best data also have the best chance of winning on Election Day!

Making data-driven decisions will maximize your campaign’s ability to win, as well as maximizing the limited time you have. Part of that decision-making process comes down to knowing where your voters live, and what is the likelihood that they will vote for you. This helps you save time by targeting voters in places where you know that they are movable. Again, this maximizes your time so that you don’t waste time on voters who won’t vote for you, or who are already in the bag.

Voting Trend’s District Precinct Analysis Dashboard allows you to get a better understanding of the electoral layout of your district. Here, you can see where you should spend your time winning over voters, as well as places that you need to avoid. You are also given extra information to help you understand the likelihood that someone in a precinct will vote for you. Below you can look at a sample District Precinct Analysis Dashboard so you can see how it works. Please watch the video below the dashboard to get a better understanding of the data. 

If you want to take your campaign to the next step, hire Voting Trend to do your VoteBuilder set up, and create a proven predictive model to help your campaign win you next election.