Did you watch the State of the Union? I didn’t.

Every year, I watch the State of the Union address. I am always interested to see what the President has to say.
But yesterday, I had just driven back from Chicago (GO BEARS!!!!). I left at 4:30 AM, and arrived in Southern Illinois at 10:00AM. Then I had to go straight to work. After working for a number of hours, I went home, watched my episode of 24 that I had missed while I was in Chicago (and missing 24 to me is a sin). Then, I had a decision to make.
I was damn tired. I had only 4 hours sleep in the past 36 hours. So, I could go to sleep if I wanted to.
Or, I could stay up another 40 minutes and wait for the State of the Union address.
And, of course, I made the right choice. I went to sleep.
As of the time of this blog, I still haven’t seen the speech. I didn’t even DVR it.

Because Bush was just going to say the same shit that he ALWAYS says! He never says anything different.
Ok, now I haven’t seen it, keep that in mind, but let me guess what he said:
1. We need to stay the course in Iraq (same idea but not exactly in those words).
2. We need to fight the terrorists.
3. I’m sure he threw in one progressive idea, like his hydrogen car that he ALWAYS talks about. He might have even mentioned his ‘hydorgen car’ again.
4. Health care costs are high, and we need to do something about it. Then, again, doesn’t have a plan, or a plan that is really weak.
5. He pointed out someone in the crowd, possibly sitting next to Laura Bush, possibly a soldier.
6. Said the economy was good, even though it isn’t.
7. Said that immigration was a ‘concern’, but again, no ideas.
8. Said gas prices are too high. Might even say that we need to ‘not be dependent on foreign oil’. But again, has no plan. Might have mentioned ANWAR in some form or another. Might have mentioned Ethanol, but doubt it.
So, that is what I ‘think’ Bush talked about. I might be totally off the mark. But I also might be 100% on target.
Now, I do miss Webb’s response, that would have been nice to seen. Also, it would have been nice to see Nancy Pelosi in that Speaker’s chair. I have gained a lot more respect for her. She has really gone ‘balls to the wall’, even though she has no balls.
But, overall, I didn’t want to see the same damn speech over and over again. I think this ‘stay on message’ is getting really old. More and more people I know don’t even watch the President because they say ‘we already know what he is going to say.’ And guess what, he does.
I don’t like Bush and still don’t like him. Only 28% of the people in our nation are stupid, yes stupid, enough to support him.
Now, Bush is just boring me!