Did Sharron Angle win the Nevada Senate seat last night?

Angle looked bad last night, but so did Reid.

First of all, if you watched the entire Nevada Senate debate between Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Sharron Angle, I am truly sorry. That was easily one of the most painful things to watch. I might even give Blair Witch Project another go-over before I have to watch that debate again. It was really bad.

Harry Reid, while not being the most charismatic person on the face of the Earth, took on Sharron Angle, another quite boring candidate. In addition, as we all know, Angle is also a nut job.

Still, one would figure that Reid might want to go after Angle and tag her as a nut job. He didn’t.

True, he kept saying that things that Angle said were untrue. And yes, Reid was right. But his delivery on explaining his reasons made it somewhat forgettable. And that is exactly what Angle wanted.

The biggest goal for Angle was to get out of this debate alive. She didn’t want to do what Christine O’Donnell did in her debate against Chris Coons, and discredit herself by not being able to answer simple questions. She just needed to act somewhat normal, hope they don’t throw her hard questions, and attack Reid in a Ronald Reagan “there you go again” manner.

Well, she was able to do all three. But there was also a fourth factor as well. Reid was extremely horrible. You almost wonder how this man became Majority Leader in the Senate. He wasn’t able to debate well, he is not a good speaker, he doesn’t have any personality, and he actually answered some of the questions wrong. For example, Reid and Angle were asked if they thought that English should be the official language in the United States. Reid said that it already was. Uh, no Harry, there isn’t an official language in the United States. This issue alone makes me wonder if he actually knows half of the stuff he is talking about.

While Reid didn’t do himself any good last night, maybe the “nutty” factor of Sharron Angle will keep Reid in power. The last time that the Majority Leader fell was in 2004, when Democrat Tom Daschle lost to Republican Congressman John Thune. While Thune is a conservative, he was also a sensible choice as well. It is totally understandable why Daschle lost his election.

The problem in Nevada is that Reid might lose to a nut. If he lost to a “sane” Republican, I don’t think many of us would mind that. But losing to Angle would be the low of all lows for the Democratic Party. I don’t know what would be worse if Angle won…the image of the Democratic Party or the image of Nevada voters. I have a feeling both.

Still, even with an Angle win, Democrats should still be able to slightly hold on to the Senate. Personally, I should be going for a Sharron Angle win. That means Dick Durbin, my favorite Senator, would be Majority Leader, which would be better for the Democrats. We will talk about that in some detail in the next day or so. Still, it seems like a win-win situation for me, as long as we retain the Senate.