Did Palm Beach Have a Jewish Problem for Obama but not Broward?

Palm Beach recorded a large decline in support for President Obama but Broward County continued to be the best locale for Democrats churning out incredible numbers once again for the nominee. Both counties have over 200,000 Jewish-American voters so why did Palm Beach drop-off and Broward did not? Did Palm Beach County have more Jewish voters who abandoned President Obama than Broward based on the President’s perceived stands on Israel?

The simple answer is no, the President actually had a Jewish problem in both counties. But one county had the resources, infrastructure, discipline and demographic advantages to overcome this problem and the other did not.

Reason #1:

Broward County has experienced a massive influx of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin American since 2000, with the shifting demographics replenishing dying off liberal Jewish-Americans with other Democrats, albeit less liberal ones on social/cultural issues. Palm Beach County on the other hand has had a much more limited influx of immigrants and economic growth in the county has been fueled by Republican related interests.

Reason #2:

For all its critics, the Broward DEC is well organized relative to Democratic Party structures in other large counties. The party was able to work with OFA and outside groups to maximize turnout in the newer immigrant communities and increase turnout among younger professionals and white women in a way that Palm Beach couldn’t due to the party infighting, and the efforts of some activists/leaders in the area to either suppress turnout or help the Republicans at the top of the ticket.

Reason #3

The Republican allied Democrats and Jewish groups poured lots more money in mail and TV ads per capita in the West Palm Beach media market than the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market. The saturation of attacks on Obama’s Israel record (be it real or embellished) was much greater in the West Palm Beach market than it was in Broward County.

Broward County performed admirably for the Obama/Biden ticket producing great margins as always. Additionally, Broward had just a one point dropoff from Bill Nelson’s winning percentage to President Obama’s (the same as Miami-Dade County) but in Palm Beach Nelson ran five points ahead of Obama. This itself speaks loudly to the inability of Palm Beach Democrats to push the entire Democratic ticket on voters.

The problems in Palm Beach County are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, progressives have Broward and now Miami-Dade, Orange and Osceola to offset the loses in a one time Democratic monolith.

14 thoughts on “Did Palm Beach Have a Jewish Problem for Obama but not Broward?”

  1. Concerned Democrat

    As I said before.

    This is the topic of discussion far and wide. The local Jewish-American leadership has been split on Obama. Congressman Robert Wexler and Congressman Ted Deutch are great proponents of the President’s Israel policy. If you are objective about it, Obama has been the best friend Israel has had in the White House. Bush destabilized the region, recognized Gaddafi putting an embassy there and emboldened Jihadists whose ultimate aim is to destroy Israel. Yet Obama’s name and race made it possible for some religious Jews to go after the President. Let us not beat around bush, Kartik. Race was an issue here. Not that Obama is black but that his name is Obama and his middle name is Hussien. Some Jews just did not trust him. I find it appalling they would defect and ruin an otherwise perfect election night. In fact it is a personal betrayal. When you do a further analysis Kartik, because we all know good you are at numbers and how well you know county, you will Obama’s dropoff was particularly in south county where some leaders and “activists” as you call them have a disproportionate amount of influence. These “leaders” have not only thrown in against Obama but with the GOP down the line, backing Adam Hasner against Lois Frankel and also helping to raise money for Dean Cannon and your good buddy Chris Dorworth. Since you have made it your mission with this website to defeat Chris Dorworth and are on the cusp of doing so, why don’t you expose the ties between these guys and Dorwoth-Cannon and furthermore oberlay the precincts and show how these “Democrats” have sold the party out.

    It is the only way.

  2. The throwing away of Jewish votes was unnecessary. I think we were not proactive about defending the President’s record on Israel and talking about the issues of social justice that matter to most Palm Beach Jews. On other levels the campaign was well run, but not on this. Keep in Mind Stephanie Cutter was the person most responsible for Kerry’s flat footed response to the Swift Boat thing in 2004 and she was in control of the messaging this time as well.

  3. The Orthodox population in South Palm Beach County totally bought into the idea that Obama did not support Israel. It also does not help when certain well connected Democrats are helping Republicans. You have been around long enough, you know who I write about. For the rest of you, think certain connected south county law firms and anyone who is close to our now former commissioner Burt Arronson. I see Wexler showed up for the Boca debate but neither he or Ted had the guts to get in front of the Orthodox community and discuss Obama’s positive relationship with Israel. Another lapse in leadership.

  4. We need better candidates! Rader, are you kidding!

    Kelly Skidmore should come back.

    Poor Perman. Wexler, Burt and Ted did you dirty.

    Tara Laxer should run next time. She is young smart and HOT! Rader will loose to her so he better hope she keeps up her policy work.

    Pafford and Clemens are superstars. We have your back guys!!!!

  5. Laxer is not running and everyone should leave her along. She might put a restraining order on one of their asses.

  6. Skidmore is done. Laxer is not running. Rader, Pafford and Clemens are dopes. I like Abruzzo and Sachs. Laxer is not going to put a restraining order against anyone. She is just smart to run the other direction.

  7. Lewis in Lauderdale

    In Broward we worked our tail off knowing we needed to offset the Jewish vote loss. We were able to bring in new voters and persuade others to turn out or switch from Republican.

    Evidently, in Palm Beach they were either unwilling or incapable of doing this and allowed the LIES about Obama’s Israel policy to become the narrative.

  8. I have to agree with CT. How do these “proIsrael” candidates say nothing about Siegal’s return. This is disgusting. Obama won because of women and hispanics. We kicked ass! Gracias!

  9. Sachs ??? Did you forget she voted for vouchers ??? What have any of these people really acomplished since being elected ?? Just calling yourself a Democrat is not enough anymore. We need better candidates and until certain people ( Burt and Company) let loose of the money things will remain the same.