DCCC Pulls Out of Buchanan-Fitzgerald Race

Per the Tampa Bay Times, the DCCC has cancelled their ad buy in the Tampa/St Petersburg market. This comes as Vern Buchanan has pulled away from Democratic challenger, former Rep. Keith Fitzgerald in recent weeks. Buchanan was also cleared of wrongdoing by an ethics panel in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, TPH changed this race rating from “Leans Republican” to “Likely Republican.”

In District 16, Buchanan is consistently polling ahead of Mitt Romney, gaining some crossover votes in a district that Barack Obama is unlikely to win (but will certainly be competitive in.) Thus, the move by the DCCC makes perfect sense. For all his troubles and the fact that in 2006, Buchanan very well may not have received the most votes (but he received the most counted votes)  the Congressman has proven to be popular with his constituents, running ahead of national and state Republicans in likability and opinion polls locally.



2 thoughts on “DCCC Pulls Out of Buchanan-Fitzgerald Race”

  1. Shame on the Democrats for giving up without a fight, even as new allegations of improprieties surface against the shady Buchanan. I guess there is a reason Sarasota is considered a safe republican area. The good ‘ole boys network in the GOP House may have cleared him of the charges, but Vern is the best example of a crooked Florida politician which typifies the Republican arrogance and entitlement you talk about on this site all the time.