DCCC launches another ad against Southerland. Do they see blood in the water?

A few days ago, we mentioned how the attack ads against Steve Southerland started. Now, it seems as if the DCCC is on board and doing a last minute advertising blitz for Al Lawson.

As with the previous commercial, this one stresses the cuts in Medicare as well as giving tax breaks for the rich. In addition, the advertisement stated that Southerland says his salary is too low. As we have mentioned in the past, if Democrats want to win in the rural areas of the south, they need to turn back to the bread and butter issues that can relate to the people of the district.

As I said previously, I don’t think Bembry would be running a campaign like this. Something just tells me that he would still stick to the socially conservative issues. And no matter how you slice it or dice it, Democrats will never be able to “out God” Republicans, period.

Lawson gives voters a clear choice in this election. It isn’t the Bembry vs. Southerland GOP primary. If Al Lawson wins this election, or even comes very close, the ideas that have been the catalyst for both the Blue Dogs and the defunct Democratic Leadership Council will officially be dead. Anyone that still holds onto the idea of “Democratic conservatism” will be seen as archaic, out of touch and, basically, clueless on politics.

We will see what happens on Election Day. But the fact that Democratic organizations are pumping a ton of money into this race must mean there are some good signs.