Dave’s Opinion: Obama is, well, blah…

I am listening to Barack Obama on C-Span right now. He is addressing the the DNC right now. And I notice one thing. He isn’t saying anything.
Obama just said that “every candidate should say how they plan on getting out of Iraq”.
Of course, since he put this challenge down, you figure that the next sentence would be about “his” plan. No, went back into more fluff.
It is funny, Obama says that we need to get out of the era of soundbites. Yet, HIS WHOLE ENTIRE SPEECH IS JUST A COLLECTION OF SOUNDBITES!

He never tells his plan, he never says what he wants to do. He just ‘makes a speech’, but the speech has no substance whatsoever. If you listened to his speech, it could fit in as well in an insurance seminar as it can a presidential campaign. No substance.
And look back at his speech. They are just a collection of soundbites. No ideas. Does he tell us about his plan to help Americans without health care, sending jobs overseas and other issues that effect our nation. Nah, just soundbites.
Obama is kind of a hyprocrite to say out of one side of his mouth that he wants to end soundbites, yet that is what he lives on. What do you think his 2004 DNC Convention speech was? Yes, a collection of soundbites!
For example, the “red-states, blue-states” speech. He mentioned how people in the red states eat pudding while people in the blue states wear boxer shorts (of course not really). But what is that? Those are called SOUNDBITES! And that is what most people listen to, not ideas.
It is this kind of hyprocracy that makes me very weary of Obama.