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Welcome to my data analysis and science portfolio. I have been working with political data, both large and small sets, for over thirty years. I’ve worked with both aggregate and attitudinal data. However, because of the current political climate, the joy of working in the political world is now gone. Therefore, making a move away from politics, but still working in the data analytics’ sphere, is my goal.

Below you will see some past and current projects that I have worked on. Some have been for clients (the political ones), while others are for fun. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or contact me via LinkedIn.

My Resume
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My Skills

SQL (MySQL, Microsoft SQL SMS)

Microsoft Excel (and other Office products)

Google Sheets




Python (currently learning Pandas, NumPy, and other libraries)

Airline/Aviation-Focused Projects

Politically-Focused Projects

Other Projects

Nowcast Modeling and University Thesis