Crist/Greer: RPOF Ensures It Will Not Go Away Until Trial Complete

While the RPOF obsession with Charlie Crist is proving more and more maniacal by the day, the continued focus on the upcoming Jim Greer trial cannot be good news for the former Governor. The Republican Party seems determined to weaken Crist long before a potential Democratic Gubernatorial primary and potentially make Jim Greer’s transgressions a problem for Crist and the Democrats.

The Republicans themselves have a lot to fear from the Greer trial. A number of Republican party figures as well as prominent elected officials have been linked to the Greer scandal. But the sensational figure that has the most to lose in the trial is Charlie Crist. The RPOF’s continued focus on all things Crist and Greer means that we cannot possibly know whether Governor Crist is a viable candidate for election until the trial concludes.

This is the unfortunate reality of this case. It is entirely possible if not likely that Crist will escape the trial without any substantial political damage and will emerge as a viable contender to defeat Rick Scott or Marco Rubio in the next two election cycles. But on the small chance that Crist is directly linked to the impropriety of the RPOF during the tenure of his hand chosen party chair, most Democrats should keep their powder dry for now.

Charlie Crist has yet to commit to the Democratic Party. This may prove to be a good thing for the party if the Greer trial goes badly. At the same time, a Crist candidacy seems to be striking fear in the hearts of the GOP, otherwise they would not be working so hard to try and undermine him before the campaign really begins.

The bottom line is that Crist’s campaign cannot really kick off until after the Greer trial concludes and that may create a window of opportunity for other potential Democrats to come out of the gates quickly. Or perhaps it will freeze the race until Crist’s intentions and innocence is established. Either way, when Charlie Crist is involved, we never have a dull moment.

4 thoughts on “Crist/Greer: RPOF Ensures It Will Not Go Away Until Trial Complete”

  1. The RPOF better hope this only hits Crist and Greer and not Thrasher, Haridopolous and golden boy Rubio. They are risking a lot here. Crist’s association with the Greer scandal seems more circumstantial than that of many other prominent GOPers of the time including perhaps the “next President of the ?United States.”

  2. One down they all go down……let’s see what happens. The Democrats may actually have to get to work.

  3. The shipwreck is the corrupted and dysfunctional RPOF who are not only terrified of losing pseudo-Republican Scott to a Democrat but of the sewage about to be released by the Greer trial. The wreckage of the Bush years still bobs on the surface as America strives to climb out of recession. Meanwhile the RPOF shudders; having disowned Crist for his simple action of being polite to the President of the USA and obliging him to lean toward the Democrats, they know he can win against Scott, despite his flaws and enduring teflon image.