Conway within striking distance of Rand Paul

Jack Conway closing down on nutball Rand Paul.

Is the craziness about to die off? Are people going to come to their senses? Or has the craziness been overblown and the polls are mostly incorrect?

No matter what the case, one of the crazies has to be worried  today. Rand Paul, who had comfortably lead in his race up to this point, is now starting to get a serious challenge from Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway. In a poll conducted by Braun Research, Paul is still in the lead with 43.4%, while Conway now has 39.5%, just barely putting Conway within the margin of error.

Paul had been around the 49% mark throughout most of this election, but now there are more undecideds than there were before. President Clinton went down to Kentucky to help out Conway. It is nice to see that Democrats aren’t scared of Clinton anymore.

While Paul is still expected to win this race, this gives us a little more reassurance that the entire population isn’t as nutty as many of the polls have made them out to be. And if a state like Kentucky can have a close race, there is no reason why Democrats can’t perform well in other states as well.

This give us a little bit of hope…I hope!