Continued Questions About the Senate Map

Gardiner Could Represent Most Of Lakeland

While the GOP continues to argue in public and in court that their Senate redistricting plan had no political motivations, the map does not lie.
Alachua to Clay: District 7
Placing all of Clay County in a district with all of Alachua County is a political trick by the GOP. The new Senate District 7 could deny Alachua County a resident Senator for the first time in recent memory and create a district where the interests of North Central Florida are sacrificed. Placing Clay in a district with Alachua essentially prevents a Democratic district from being created in the area. Clay County, as it has been for years, should be linked legislatively with the Jacksonville area where it shares a community of interest and a metropolitan area. The tricky thing here is that this district looks reasonably compact on a map but is in fact creating a district that overlaps multiple metropolitan areas and communities of interest. Clay County and Alachua County are also diametrically opposite politically.

Could Volusia County Be Left Without A Resident Senator?
With a half million residents, Democratic leaning Volusia County has had a resident Senator since before the 1968 Florida Constitution reformed the State Senate. For the past decade the county has been represented by moderate Republican Evelyn Lynn. While the majority of the population in the new District 8 resides in Volusia County, it has been clearly drawn with the intent of taking in Marion County Republicans and possibly being accessible for an Ocala based Republican to run and win in.  Volusia has been split strategically in such a way that it could be represented by Republicans from St John’s County and from Marion County in the Senate.

District 15
This repeats the pattern in Central Florida where large, populated portions of Paula Dockery’s district, including most of Lakeland, have been put into a district that will presumably be represented by Orlando-based Andy Gardiner. This district is the biggest disgrace of the entire redistricting process and that is saying a great deal given some of the issues in other parts of the state. Linking parts of Orlando with Lakeland in a district HAS NEVER PREVIOUSLY BEEN DONE POST THE 1968 CONSTITUTION. This is especially galling when the robust population growth of the area is considered. This district has been clearly drawn to try and extend Gardiner’s career.  It is also possible the new Senate District 21 will elect someone from outside Polk County, although that district is similar to a district that has been around since the 1982 reapportionment. This district is important as Agriculture, the second largest component of Florida’s economy is often championed by whomever is in this particular seat.

Pasco County
The county, which is a bellwether for statewide elections in Florida, is split in a way where the county may not have a resident senator despite incredible growth. Districts 17 & 18 split Pasco County. Admittedly, Pasco could end up at some point with two resident senators so the plan is unlikely to be rejected based on this district.

30 thoughts on “Continued Questions About the Senate Map”

  1. I do not think that Gardner district has a chance of survival given the historical precedents you’ve described. It looks far from compact also to the naked eye.

  2. Rod Smith thinks he is running for Gov. The maps are not constitutional. They all set it up so they are covered. No D or R should run unopposed. Bogdanoff will be fine at the end of the day.

  3. Bogdanoff should be out. If she stays that proves the seat is a partisan gerrymander.

  4. She will be fine. The Democratic Party sucks. I would rather have her than Abruzzo. I am voting for Bogdanoff.

  5. Bogdanoff will not be running against Abruzzo. But it is very difficult to applaud a Democrat who votes for someone with a 0% Political Hurricane ranking versus someone who has an 80% rating. I do not particularly care for Abruzzo and do like Laxer and hope she runs, but if she does not I would never entertain the idea of voting for Bogdanoff or Benqequisto instead. Both or horrible. The term moderate Republican used to be about actual moderation. Now it is applied to any Republican in a Democratic leaning area that wants to appear to their constituents as something they really are not. Carol, I would STRONGLY advise you never to vote for Bogdanoff even if the Dem party “sucks” as you claim.

  6. I agree. Abruzzo has been excellent for his constituents. Fantastic. Laxer and her activist allies are being fed incorrect information about the record. We know Laxer has support among the activists filling her head with incorrect ideas. But she cannot run. The Democratic Party leadership is not in favor of a primary and the activists need to work with the leadership so we can keep the President in office for four more years.

  7. Abruzzo is awful. Do you know how he votes? I guess you don’t read. He is terrible but so are many that were listed if you read their record.
    Abruzzo pushed Greene. That alone says a great deal. Why are you pushing this creep? Again this same person is hating on Laxer. What’s up with that? If people want her to run, you should push her too so we can get out the vote. Do you really think that those we have locally are exciting? You are also probably a plant within the party that is pushing Crist. New people should run. I want to vote for someone and not against someone.

  8. There is no leadership in PBC outside of Burt Aaronson. He will be gone and it will again be a free for all. In regards to Abruzzo, his office helped me but I would never vote for him. Do these people not read a newspaper on here?

  9. Yes according to this site he votes the liberal line 80%. That is in a rough district. Benaquisto carried that area versus Rader. Laxer could go 100%, but then she would lose if in the same area.

  10. The leadership is full of people that have been around and done their time, not upstarts that volunteer on one or two campaign and then feel entitled to move mountains.

  11. Yes Howard there is no leadership. Let me put it this way…anyway who you can pay off. Rader was a joke when he ran and he should have never ran for Senate. Abruzzo if he runs against Benaquisto he will loose. She won last time because the way the “establishment” ran the campaigns. Abruzzo actually helped her get elected. Just like how his boyfriend Aronberg helped Bondi. There is going to be no change in this state. The Democrats will be lucky if Obama wins alone. Then they will say it was the voters fault like they did in 2010 but it was the Democrats who helped raise money and campaign for Crist aka Mitt Romney.

  12. Not true I worked for Benaquisto. It was a mistake to have helped her. Rader is not running again and if he does he will help Abruzzo to loose.

  13. The Oak is Falling

    The idea of Gainesville being represented by someone from Clay County is almost too much to stomach. If it is Thrasher it is a horrible NOLE to boot. Please win this lawsuit and get that district thrown out.

  14. Obviously you are simply starting rumors to help your girl Laxer out in this primary. The leadership will net let her run. She is not allowed to run. We have a tight Democratic Party in the county that picks the candidates locally so we can help led the state effort to get Obama reelected just as we did for Clinton. We got Gore and Kerry big wins in the county also.

  15. Who is talking about Laxer morning star? Anyone is allowed to run. The establishment did not work on the Clinton campaign it was Ted Deutch with Laxer. Wexler and Wendi were pushinf for Obama. Obama won what is the big deal. I am so confused why this morning star (aka has to Wexler’s staff) is so scared of Laxer. You should still be worried about Irv and the investigators.

  16. Yes it is insane that Gainesville can be represented by a Clay County person. The whole process has gone down the drain between the Republicans and our weak Democrats. I am only voting and working for Obama…the rest is a waste of our time.

  17. Laxer was still in diapers when Clinton ran. Deutch? He wasn’t around then either. The same leadership helped Gore, Kerry, Obama.

  18. Ridiculuos. Smith wanted a seat for himself so tried to cut a deal on this district according to that link. Really scandalous if true.

  19. They need to throw out all of the maps and just call it a day. They need to have an independent body draw them. Both parties are awful down here and both are being investigated. Crist being the link to both.

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  21. I dont think new people will run. They are going to be smart and wait for the investigations to be over.