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This website is dedicated to looking at voting behavior in the United States. Instead of just giving opinions as to why people vote the way that they do, we will infer what might be happening based on statistical observations and facts. This isn’t a website to favor Democrats or Republicans, but is instead here to answer questions and get a better understanding of the truth behind vote choice.


Dave Trotter is a voting behavior specialist who has been working in politics for nearly 30 years. He received his Master Degree from McGill University, where he focus on voting behavior in the province of Quebec. He has also written about voting behavior in the United States and the former East Germany. His nowcast models for the State of Florida have been the most accurate predictor of election results in that state.

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  1. I would like to help your site, which I am delighted to find, by copy editing your work. I read the Volusia County piece and have a few suggestions (grammar, punctuation, phrasing, mainly). But I’d like to send the edits to you privately. Could you email me your private address so I can send the stuff to you? I anticipate moving to Volusia County from Hollywood, FL, and one of the important elements in where I live is the political makeup. I’m pleased with what I read here.

  2. Kartik, I not appreciate your comment about Jose Vazquez is a joke. Why you not said Jose Vazquez who are member of the democrat party step up in a race where the chairman of Hillsborough County no brind a democrat leader to represent 32,000 democrats voters of district 58. Why you not comment about 2 leaders of the hcdp discriminate against a Puertorrican and Hispanic candidate. for last tell everybody about I do campaign with no money in other words i not own a favor to nobody.My opponent recognize I’m not a joke and for that reason him expend over 70,000 dollards in his campaing. lest see in November who are joke. Thank you for your opinion but first get inform why Jose Vazquez are a Candidate for state Representative. Tallahassee its a joke and we pay to that clows .

  3. Sir, I wish you the best of luck but I am analyzing the campaign and I believe the public spat with the HCDEC was costly and led to a exodus of your supporters. This having been said, I applaud you for recruiting yourself to run as a representative of those Democrats and condemn the HCDEC for not recruiting you or another candidate for the race to represent those Dem voters. But why exactly did you threaten to withdraw from the race because you weren’t getting party support? We have dozens of candidates across the state in the same boat as you, but you went public, made it an issue and embarrassed yourself in the process. You undermined your own candidacy. In the future, the best advice would be to rightly call out the party BUT NOT TO THREATEN TO WITHDRAW FROM A RACE AFTER QUALIFYING.

    These things come with time. Hopefully, the next time you run, if you choose to seek office again you can learn from this error and use it to motivate you and galvanize your supporters.

    Again, best of luck in this race, and I look forward to a meaningful dialogue in the future.

  4. It’s disquieting to see a blog with a misspelling of a highly important word in the second sentence about itself — “Censor” is the word, not “sensor” – a word, but not the one you want.

  5. I looked everywhere for your email address or contact info settled for this. It has come to pass that the 1st casualty of modern day “journalism” is the truth! In a blog Posted on December 19, 2012 by Dave Trotter about Tant you began your article with false assertions regarding the Bush/Gore election being a narrow win when in reality his win in Florida was a judicial coup de tat as clearly evidenced by the actual unofficail official recount by Ion Sancho conducted strictly under the rules and laws governing such. As you should know a medium consortium sued for the right to hold the recount employing our Capitol County’s SOE the actual outcome was the subject of 3 books including articles in the NYT, Guardian even the Post.
    Please show some respect for the truth by exercising accuracy in reporting. Otherwise it was a great article on Tant stating all the important reasons she should NOT be chair! paeos@aol.com
    Thanks, peace and be well,
    Clay G. Colson
    Board Director and Water Issues Chair
    Citizens for Sanity.Com, Inc.
    Precinct 36 Committeeman PDEC
    Public need over corporate greed
    (813) 601-3391


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