Congressional Race Ratings

Beginning today, every two weeks until the August primary and every Friday following the primary we will rate the 27 Congressional seats in Florida. Here are our first set of rankings.

Safe Democratic

FL-5 (Brown)

FL- 14 (Castor )

FL- 20 (Hastings)

FL-21 (Deutch)

FL-23 (Wasserman-Schultz)

FL-24 (Wilson)

Likely Democratic


Leans Democratic

FL-9 (Open)

FL-22 (Open)

Toss Up

FL-16 (Buchanan)

Leans Republican

FL-2 (Southerland)

FL-18 (West)

FL-26 (Rivera)

Likely Republican

FL-7 (Adams/Mica)

FL-10 (Webster)

FL-13 (Young)

Safe Republican

FL-1 (Miller)

FL-3 (Stearns)

FL-4 (Crenshaw)

FL- 6 (Open)

FL- 8 (Posey)

FL-11 (Nugent)

FL-12 ( Bilirakis)

FL-15 (Ross)

FL-17 (Rooney)

FL-19 (Open)

FL-25 (Diaz-Balart)

FL 27 (Ros-Lehtinen)

Feel free to leave comments about each of these races in the comments thread!

6 thoughts on “Congressional Race Ratings”

  1. Murphy should be favored over West. It is a Democratic district and Murphy a superstar candidate recruited personally by Robert Wexler. Charlie Crist is supporting him.

    I think the upset will be Hasner possibly beating Frankel or Jacobs. I hope the D wins but Hasner is a moderate with lots of appeal locally and stronger ties to south county than Frankel.

  2. Young Dems Broward

    West will win because you all MS (staffer or Eric Johnson) sell your soul. Wexler is a joke. Crist is a joke…Hasner is a tea party boy just like Crist….you my friend are the legacy of the Democratic party if we loose it all.

    Hasner at Tea Party

    Crist endorses McCain

    Robert Wexler a JOKE…for real!

  3. Young Dems Broward

    When you find leadership outside of Deutch’s moment on Ed Schultz or Ron Klein standing up in 2000..then call us. Let’s make leadership last longer than a moment…the way you are picking it MS….you might get sunburned..

  4. The district is not a Democratic district. Obama won the new 18th, but Alex Sink lost it, and other statewide Dems have fared badly also. It is certainly a winnable seat, but the demographics favor Republicans. West however is controversial and a carpetbagger to boot so he’s clearly beatable in the area. Thus it is a “toss up”

  5. Murphy is a snot nosed kid from what I hear from sources down there.

    He will not beat West. It is a shame because if we had a more seasoned or local candidate we could beat West.

  6. Great article. Our state leadership has let us down. This is why we need local leadership running the state. Mark Allen Siegel who has professionalised the Palm Beach DEC is considering a run for FDP Chair. Scott Randolph is too risky for the party and Siege with his intensive experience will do better. He has been involved in party locally since the 90s and previously in NY as a leading legislator.