Can’t Touch Obama, no no no!

Well, in the last few weeks, it seems like Obama is the ‘Golden Boy’ of the media.
Since his win in Iowa, all of the media have been trying to see how often they can get a glimpse of Obama’s ass so they can kiss it.

And this past week, with the remarks of Bob Johnson from the BET, talking about how Obama was ‘scoring some blow’, has just shown how the media will do anything for the Cocaine Kid.

When Johnson made his remarks, basically saying while the Clinton’s were helping the black community, Obama was ‘doing something else, and I don’t think I need to mention it, but he writes about it in his book’, most of the media has come out and said that he should appologize about the remark?


It is true! It is from Obama’s own words! So, we now have to appologize about something that is true! That is crap!
And whenever you see the media, they basically are trying to push Obama higher and higher. And whenever anyone says something bad about him, the media says that the person who made the attacks must appologize.
Yet, it is alright for anyone to slam Hillary of any other candidate at any time.
She is white, all the rest are white (except Richardson)!
So how come it is alright for the press and Obama supporters to blast the white candidate, but if anyone blast the black candidate, it is bad?
It is really the Obama camp playing the race card, saying ‘why is everyone always picking on me’. Hillary or her campaign has not used the race card once!
Still, the way that the media is treating Obama is sick. Again, you can’t say anything bad about the guy. If you do, you are a racist. And you can refer to some of my old posts to see that work in play as early as two years ago.
And a President who has unchecked authority (which I feel Obama has because you can never question him because he will always use the race card), is a very dangerous thing!