Bill Nelson Does the Right Thing…Again!

Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has become the national GOP’s second favorite flavor of the month behind Marco Rubio. Cruz, whose upset victory in the Texas Republican Primary was the biggest Tea Party triumph of 2012 has attacked the patriotism and loyalty as an American of Senator Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s choice to be Secretary of Defense. I need not remind our readers that Hagel received Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, two Purple Hearts, Army Commendation Medal, and the Combat Infantryman Badge for his service in Vietnam.

Yesterday, our own Senator Bill Nelson bit back at Cruz publicly, and unfortunately this was lost in the State of the Union excitement. “He basically has impugned the patriotism of the nominee,” Nelson said. “You also stated your opinion that you don’t think he has been truthful with this committee. Those are two fairly strong statements.”

Bill Nelson has not been the most reliable progressive vote through the years but in recent months his public statements have been well timed and right on the mark. It is very encouraging for supporters of this President and this nominee to see Senator Nelson stand up to the buffoonery coming from the right. In recent weeks the American public has been subjected to a campaign of fear and demagoguery regarding Hagel’s nomination. This campaign orchestrated by neo-conservatives and Republican leaning publications such as Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard have misrepresented just about everything Senator Hagel has said or done in his career. While many Democrats have been timid publicly in defense of the nominee, Nelson’s strong statement should give Democrats a boost for the coming floor fight, where some Republicans like the radical Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) are threatening to filibuster.


14 thoughts on “Bill Nelson Does the Right Thing…Again!”


    SURPRISE SURPRISE BILL NELSON! My guess is that he is no longer running for re-election and can be partisan for a change.

  2. DFC – I don’t think it has anything to do with partisanship, it has everything to do with respect and civility. These Tea Party members have proven time and again that they are not statesmen/women and their modus operandi are totally ineffective.

  3. I agree with Sarah. Hagel should not be confirmed but the elected officials should be civil. We already know both sides are stupid on the issues. Now they should at least have manners.

  4. Democrats don’t agree with Hagel on many issues but they are wimps to speak up while the Republicans are now just against him because he was Obama’s appointment and not with McCain on the Iraq issue. This is a big mistake on Obama’s part. Good job buddy.

  5. AIPAC is the reason for this. I absolutely applaud Obama for picking Hagel inspite of the hostility of the Israel lobby and neo-conservative noise machine. These groups are more concerned with Israel’s security than America’s. Shame on them. I too hope Hagel is confirmed but know the demagogues as you call them are going to be out on the Senate floor and on the airwaves trying to block it.

  6. Blue Baby in Broward

    Let’s see how dumb your remarks are…..It’s AIPAC’s fault for questioning Hagel’s votes regarding international security specific to the MIddle East. The hostility of the Israel lobby…AIPAC job is to lobby on foreign policy specific on Israel. People can disagree on Hagel but the ignorance here including comments here speaks loudly.

  7. Dumb???

    Obama has nominated someone who is uniquely qualified to hold this position.

    AIPAC has influenced countless Senators, political pundits and media to mischaracterize Hagel’s record. Hagel stands for the US and protecting our nation while Lindsay Graham and Willuam Kristol are more concerned about Israel than the USA.

    I regret not voting for Obama. I am uncomfortable with his advocacy of socialism in health care, abortion and gay marriage. Thus I supported Virgil Goode. But national security is most important and he is showing his maturity and patriotism with the Hagel pick and is also sticking it to the enemy within at the same time. I applaud him, our President.

  8. Mr. Blue Dog….let me spell it out for you. First you did vote for Obama and pretending otherwise I am sure. AIPAC works with both Ds and Rs always. So again you are incorrect. His record is one that is mixed and in a time of insecurity on national one should be the concern of both Ds and Rs. Rs and Ds are worried because of his stance regarding Israel. Rs also are angry about his stance on Iraq. His record is not questionable regarding the Middle East. It is one of those things like how quiet the Democrats are with Bush’s water boarding, drone attacks, etc..yet no peep. When it is one of their own no one makes a noise. Obama only picked Hagel because of the cuts with the military.

    Mr Blue Dog you should not blog while on state time by the way.

  9. Filibuster is a disgrace! We have two weeks to flood Rubio with calls during this recess asking for an up or down vote.