Assorted Campaign Notes from Across the State

Dennis Mulder’s withdrawal from the House District 27 race created a void which the Democrats have now filled with Volusia County DEC Chairman Phil Giorno. Giorno’s selection by the DEC is no surprise, and he will face Republican nominee David Santiago in this swing district.

Under Giorno’s watch as chairman Republicans have made great gains in Volusia County and some talented Democratic activists have left the DEC. The hope is that Giorno is a stronger candidate than he has been a DEC Chair.Speaking of DEC Chairmen, Mark Alan Siegel finally resigned Friday, a full two days after making ill-advised comments to a conservative website. What was striking about the Siegel situation was that many local elected officials weren’t aggressive in pushing for his resignation and that he initially rejected a direct request from FDP Chairman Rod Smith to resign. Smith’s own influence within the party must be questioned and his effectiveness again shown to be limited by Siegel’s initial refusal to resign. It’s fair to say the votes of south Florida’s state committee members are now squarely up for grabs in January’s race for FDP Chair.

Will McBride is one of the most fascinating candidates of the 2012 election. The Republican nominee in SD-14 has spent over 100k of his own cash on media buys and is by all indications making serious inroads in what should have been an easy victory for Democrat Darren Soto. McBride has the right local connections, deep cash, and a great disposition in person. Trial lawyers do not always make the best candidates, but McBride is proving a very notable exception to that general rule.

8 thoughts on “Assorted Campaign Notes from Across the State”

  1. Aaronson would be great as DEC chair while he threatens judges. Who the hell are you kidding? Oh yeah this is the same group of people who hand picked Siegal to be DEC chair in 2008. Get the F out of here. Put them all in place and with one clean stroke.

  2. The DEC will collapse if they force Aaronson on us. We will NEVER support him. He’s a bully, a thief and a complete corrupt tool.

  3. Burt as DEC Chair. I highly doubt it. With some luck he will finally be in jail by then. Either way, there would be a huge exodus of people from the DEC who will not put up with his charming personality and huge ego. Thanks to term limits we are finally rid of him. Let’s keep it that way. I too beleive he is not a DEC member and therefore not able to run. Thankfully……………….