Alan Clendenin to Run for FDP Chair

Alan    Clendenin,   Democratic  National  Committeeman  and  Hillsborough County State Committeeman announced today he would  seek  to lead the  Florida  Democratic  Party.

Clendenin said ” “On the evening  of  November    6,    2012,   Floridians  from  Escambia  to  Monroe County celebrated   that  will   be    seen    as    the    day    Florida    political    tides shifted    from    red    to    blue.    November    7,    2012    our    focus    shifted from    Washington    to    Tallahassee.    For    the    next    two    years    we    will    be    laser    focused    on Rick    Scott’s    poor    performance    as    governor”.

Clendenin has long been a friend of this website and has shared many of our critiques about how Democrats can improve our performance at the state and local level in Florida. It’s all good and well that Florida has performed so ably for Federal candidates since 1996 but in that period we’ve seen worrying and unprecedented defeated at the state level and an inability to take advantage of wave elections to fundamentally change the composition of Florida Government. While wave elections tend to create major Democratic gains in similar styled states like Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Florida tends to be characterized by continued missed opportunities.

We wish Clendenin best of luck in this race and as the field solidifies we will  analyze the race and potentially make an endorsement. But at this early stage of the game we can assure our readers Clendenin would be a marked improvement in terms of vision and revitalizing our grassroots than any of our recent state chairs.

Clendenin has a website where he lays out his thoughts and vision here.

3 thoughts on “Alan Clendenin to Run for FDP Chair”

  1. The main question of the day for the democrats should be this: why is it the FBI investigates a US General and leaves out an whole investigation on US Congressman Buchanan, Since when does an affair between two consenting adults trump political corruption, consumer fraud, bank fraud,employee wage fraud, tax fraud, campaign fraud and more.

    The second question should be this: are the investigating FBI agents playing politics in Florida. Seems to be the case when the FBI agent ran right to the republicans with the story on the general on election day.

    Are the FBI agents playing favorites in Florida, pandering to a pretty face (the female friend that he was helping) or simply going after the easy democratic targets.

    Like Crew from DC and others as stated in different news articles, I have questioned the work that Justice and the FBI have done on the Buchanan cases. Especially when there was clear and defined witness testimony and hard internal Buchanan documents that were supplied to the FBI in Tampa from at least 10 sources that proved all of the above stated possible causes of action by Buchanan and friends.

    Especially when new sources claim that Buchanan is back to his old tricks. Remember he is simply a used car salesman at heart and by trade. Even if he is a very rich one at that. Documents show he has gotten Rich illegally with the voters, charities and consumers hard earned money.

    Duane overholt

  2. Clendennin will have lots of support from activists but will get rolled by party bosses when they put in the latest losing candidate into the chair.

    Who will it be this time?

    Alex Sink?

    Ron Klein?

    Dan Gelber?

    Scott Maddox redux?????

  3. No Scott Maddox PLEASE!!!!

    Klein ….seriously?

    I think they need a woman. They should have Nan Rich do it.