Accused War Profiteer Harry Sargeant Proving to be a Key Figure in the Greer Trial

Harry Sargeant, the former RPOF Finance Director has proven to be a key figure thus far in the trial of Jim Greer. Sargeant has previously escaped significant notoriety among politicos in the lead up to this trial yet he was without a doubt an important factor in much of the nonsense that went on in Republican politics between 2006 and 2009. Sargeant has been brought up in reference also to the decadent junket the RPOF had in the Bahamas as the private planes that jetted lobbyists and other officials were owned by him and he may have been heavily involved in the planning and execution of the junket with Greer.

Sargeant, a former Marine is a billionaire thanks to his investments energy and shipping. The Palm Beach County based investor has been friendly with Charlie Crist since they were fraternity brothers in the 1970s at Florida State. Sargeant has been accused of war profiteering using his Republican contacts to his advantage during the Iraq War. But others claim Sargeant has been more of a victim, blackmailed by politicians in both the Middle East and Florida due to his extensive business contacts, and access to money.  He’s had issues in Jordan but who is at fault there is unclear and he has also played a critical role in raising money for Republicans in Florida. Some of the Pentagon contracts he received thanks to his active Republican fundraising have continued to arouse suspicions including among Congressional Democrats who have indicated he is the worst type of war profiteer.

On the federal level Sargeant gave money, lots of it exclusively to Republicans (with the exception of a few contributions to his local Congressman, Democrat Robert Wexler – post published edit) in the 2000s. Here is a list of his direct candidate  and partisan committee contributions. Additionally, some of his  bundled contributions to Charlie Crist were flagged as “illegal” by the feds

Below are several links we’ve uncovered about Sargeant going back several years. These links may help to complete the puzzle related to the Greer trial and RPOF scandal.

 2011 Article

NY Times article

Palm Beach Aviation still getting contracting after 2009 Pentagon problem

“I have a lot of Arab business partners. I do a lot of business in the Middle East. I’ve got a lot of friends,” Sargeant said in a telephone interview yesterday. “I ask my friends to support candidates that I think are worthy of supporting. They usually come through for me.”
Sargeant’s business relationships, and the work they perform together, occur away from the public eye. His firm, International Oil Trading Co. (IOTC), holds several lucrative contracts with the Defense Department to carry fuel to the U.S. military in Iraq.
“It is very difficult and is a very logistically intensive business that we have been able to specialize in,” Sargeant said. “We do difficult logistical things that don’t necessarily suit a major oil company. It’s a niche we’ve been able to occupy.”

It is almost certain we will hear more on this in the coming days and weeks.

13 thoughts on “Accused War Profiteer Harry Sargeant Proving to be a Key Figure in the Greer Trial”

  1. . This is so disgusting. Why is Wexler the only Democrat that this guy gives to? I am sure that sick war money is still being passed along PBC.

  2. Mike from Singer Island

    Maybe that is the real reason why Wexler resigned….maybe Crist should call it quits too with Greer and the Harry guy. Making money off of our troops…beyond shameful. Why hasn’t anyone written about this before? Sick on so many levels. No more of this bullshit. Not surprised though. Wexler has always been a douche as he pretend he is so well respected. These bums are pieces of shit. Ds and Rs get rid of all of the scum that do things like this.

  3. I knew this would come up at some point but it seems the Florida political press just describes this guy as an pal of Crist and Greer and not as a war profiteer / crook. He is the worst type of war profiteer and the reason our defense budget is so high. These Republican cronies have to be exposed and this is why we must stay vigilant about the Greer trial. Besides what hypocrites with the hookers, drugs and booze.

    Congrats to the Political Hurricane for connecting the dots.

  4. No deal will be made bc Scott wants this trial to continue…he wants to see Charlie Crist testify. He has told Bondi’s pple to refuse all deals no matter which other Republican is hurt in the process.

  5. Reality check. It does not matter what happens in the trial because the Rs will get away with any crimes and so will the Democrats. Different story same outcome. This is what you get when you allow one person to play dictator. I am just surprised that Burt has nothing to do it with it. I guess its true Wexler was the dirty one all along.

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