20,000 pageviews for July for The Political Hurricane!

With two weeks still to go in the month of July, our pageviews for the month have already hit an astounding 20,000 views, crushing all previous months.

We would like to thank everyone that has read our blog, as you are the ones that have made this happen. With the 2012 election still to go, it is important to keep the fight alive. We must all do our part, and we will take back our state.

Again, thank you very much for reading, commenting and participating in our blog. We are happy that you enjoy our material, and are looking forward to providing more in the years to come.

Dave Trotter

Founder – The Political Hurricane.

2 thoughts on “20,000 pageviews for July for The Political Hurricane!”

  1. Nancy Y. Smith

    Keep the information coming, and we’ll keep reading! Are you going to do anything on those 11 amendments to our Florida Constitution? All come from the Republican legislators, so I am suspicious and inclined to vote “no” on all of them. I look forward to being enlightened.